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Step 1 of 5 : Preliminary Information

Pick Up Date:
Important Notes

rental vehicles The earliest pick-up time available is 8:00am. Early morning airport arrivals (before 8:00am) will be met at the airport by us at 8:00am.
rental vehicles Out of hours fees apply for evening arrivals after 4:15pm Monday-Saturday and after 2:15pm Sunday (International Airport arrivals 30 minutes earlier).
rental vehicles If arriving at the Airport, please enter your scheduled Flight Arrival Time as the Rental Pick Up Time (we will make allowances for this in the quote).

Drop Off Date:
Important Notes

rental vehicles Out of hours fees apply for early morning departures before 9:15am and evening departures after 6:30pm Monday-Saturday and after 4:00pm Sunday.
rental vehicles If departing from the Airport, please enter your Vehicle Return Time as 90 minutes before your Domestic flight departure and 120 minutes before your International flight departure (or earlier if you wish).

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Child seats are compulsory for all children under 7 years of age or less than 26kg and they are supplied by us free of charge.

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Booking Deposit

Early booking is encouraged - you get a wider choice of available rental cars and you have our value protection guarantee. If our prices go up between booking time and your car hire dates, you pay the rate we quoted. If our prices go down between booking time and your car hire dates, you get the new lower price - you can't lose!

Our standard booking deposit is $75 per vehicle and it will be applied against your rental bill.

The booking deposit can be paid online or over the phone by debit or credit card, or alternatively, you can deposit the required funds directly into our bank account (call us and we will give you the details) - but please remember we can't reserve a rental car for you until this deposit is paid.

When you book a rental car, we take it out of our "available" list for the period of your car hire, thus denying any other enquirers access to the rental car that you have selected. This process is more critical for us than many other car rental operators because we often only have one or two versions of a particular rental car. When you book a rental car with us, it is usually "THE ... car" rather than "A ... car".

We try to treat cancellation requests on an individually fair basis, so rather than have a policy of "full refund if x days' notice; 50% if y days' notice and no refund if less than z days' notice" we encourage you to tell us your circumstances. Most cancellations with us end up with either an immediate straight refund or full transfer to another future booking (even for friends or relatives) or a refund conditional upon our ability to get a replacement booking.